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Wood  우드
Silver  실버
Gold  골드
Crown  크라운
Engraving  인그레이빙
Flute Jewelry
플룻 쥬얼리

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Singapore  싱가폴
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Malaysia  말레이시아

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하나님께서 자연에 담아 두신 귀한 금속과 아름다운 보석들을 사용해 아름다운 장신구를 만들어 내는 것은 제가 오랫동안 누려온 즐거움이었습니다.

이러한 금속과 장인의 기술들을 통해 아름다운 소리를 내는 플롯 해드조인트를 만드는 것은 하나님께서 주신 또다른 축복이자 커다란 즐거움이었습니다.

더욱이 금속들을 어떻게 합금을 하고 가공방법을 어떻게 하느냐에 따라 제각각 다른 소리들이 만들어 지는 것은 작업을 할때마다 기대감을 갖게하는 형언할 수 없는 즐거움이 있습니다.

즐거운 Song flut headjoint 의 세계로 여러분을 초대합니다.

Welcome to Song Flute headjoint!

It is my utmost pleasure to make beautiful jewelry and accessories with precious metals and stones originated from God in the nature.

It is my gracious bless and another great pleasure to make a Flute Head-joint producing a beautiful sound with these metals and by a master craftsman.

Whenever making this Flute Head-joint it ensures my ineffable joy. Because I have an anticipation to have an unique sound. It will all depend on how to alloy metals and how to process.

Song Flute headjoint invites you to a beautiful sound world. Please come and try my headjoint.

Y.C.Song of Song flute headjoint.

Flute Making Movie

  • It started technical developing of the flute headjoint at 2008.
  • Taking out a patent for an invention related to a flute crown technology in 2009.
  • 12 Applicants for the registration related to a Crown Design in 2009.
  • Has Supplied Flute Headjoint named “Song Flute Headjoint” since 2012.

Song Flute Headjoint
A. Manufacturing Process
  • Song flute headjoint is manufactured by Seam tube.
  • Our standard model is SH-101 series and it’s tube is made the following precess
    - to alloy 99.5% pure silver and 0.5% special metals.
    - to produce a board through forging and rolling the above alloy at long intervals.
    - to produce Seam tube by the above board.
B. Characteristic
  • Attractive tone –color.
  • Outstanding Flexibility between Octaves.
  • Clear Tune.
  • Deeper and deeper resonant sound as time goes on.

Manufacturer Song
  • Has worked as an jewelry technician since his twenties, started developing a flute headjoint and its devices on the moment of attractive impression of a beautiful sound by a flutist playing in 2008.
  • Having been taught technical consultant since in 2010 about the flute headjoint by Mr. Tanaka Shuichi, founder of Altus Flute.
  • His purpose is to develop and produce the excellent flute given credit by flutist loving the flute.
  • Now, Song Flute Headjoint has good estimation with high value from flutist costumer of other country.

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