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Wood  우드
Silver  실버
Gold  골드
Crown  크라운
Engraving  인그레이빙
Flute Jewelry
플룻 쥬얼리

Player's Comment
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Player's Comment

Edward Sytianko


Thank you for the opportunity to play on your heads. Your head is undoubtedly interesting and original. They allow you to maneuver flute timbre from natural bamboo flutes to modern orchestral and concert flutes; with their voice power they are able to fill any concert hall. They are easy to play. They have a very wide dynamic range.
          Song heads perfectly fit well-known flute brands: Altus, Muramatsu, Yamaha, Mateki, Sankyo, Pearl, Verne Q. Powell. They allow performers to feel and hear the difference when they playing their music and sound fantasies. Professional flutists can expand the horizon of their wide variety and creativity.
          Lip plate is perfect itself, but also has practical significance. Lip plate engraving stabilize flute while playing.

Song Au185. I think this head is for professional flutists. My flute Verne Q. Powell 3100 Aurumite with this head was like newly born. It multiplied the strength, depth and warmth the sound of my flute in all registers. The tonal and dynamic range of my instrument became wider. This model of your head is my choice.

Song Ag 930 Riser 14K. It is for flutists who play on silver flutes and prefer gentle, bright and silvery overtones. It provides great resonance in any concert hall.

I showed your head to professionals and students from some music academies in Poland (Wroclaw, Katowice). Everyone who played on these heads, said about the great sound of their flutes in big concert halls.  Also they mentioned the ease of playing them.

Edward Sytianko

Jelenia Gora Philharmonic orchestra in the Poland

Player's Comment

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